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More about Darius

Darius comes from a musical, robotics, and engineering background; with over 8 years experience recording in the studio, stage, & in post production, has worked along side multi-Grammy-award winning recording artists, and is a UK National Champion in Robotics. He is also a classically trained violinist, violist, percussionist, & trombonist playing and competing on a national level.
This experience has led to rigorous organisation, work ethic, honing of skills, immaculate attention to detail, and an advanced understanding of everything from actor performance, acoustics, electronics, and computer science.

Since taking his skills behind the camera, Darius consistently provides a high quality, knowledgeable service; aiming to use his deep understanding of sound in pursuit of this.

More recently, he has taught himself to develop software and train Artificial Intelligence for advanced audio manipulation using programming languages like C++, Java, & Python.

Darius is known for understanding the whole picture; which is why he is often chosen to manage sound for complex situations on and off camera.

Batchelor of Music

First Class
Vice-Chancellor's Award

Recording, mixing, sound design, composition, etc.
Sir Patrick Stewart awarded Darius his certification.

Master of Arts by Research


Advanced audio DSP design & software development.
Commended for PhD-level research.

Next up: PhD

Proposal Accepted
Scholarship Secured

The PhD proposal revolves around designing and training Artificial Intelligence generative models for use with audio.

Credits list

(Credits are as Sound Recordist or Production Sound Mixer unless specified)


iLab Facility Launch (2018, corporate). Lockheed Martin. DCS Sonovision.

Culture Trip (2018, short). Romano Pizzichini. Bullion Productions.

Bow Street Society (2018, online). T.G. Campbell.

Faux BoJo (2018, docu). William Hazel.

The Protector (2018, feature). Tosca Musk. Passionflix.

London Bridges Falling Down (2018, short). George Glennon. George Glennon Group.

The Red Cab (2018, short). Adam Crow. Ditto Films.

Drive Me To The End (2018, feature). Richard Calvert. Crucible Films.

Sit My Exam (2018, corporate). Sit My Exam. DreamCatcher Studios LTD.

Separating The Strains (2018, docu). Chelsea Leyland. Capture Productions LTD.

Roundtable Discussion & Interviews (2018, corporate). Bank of CanadaWe Are Clearhead.

Sixteen Times (2018, short). Sci-fi London 48hr CompetitionCrucible Films.

Smart RPA (2018, corporate). Sutherland GlobalCatrin Griffiths.

4x4 in Schools Challenge (2018, corporate). Jaguar Land Rover. Progress Film.

AOne - Take Control with Smart Lighting (2018, advert). Aurora LightingFPS Media.

Sky Q (2018, advert). Sky. Fever PR.

1940 Film (2018, short).  Joe Morley.

The Pendulum (2018, VR). The Vault Festival 2018Yellow Pill.

The Walking Dead (2017, EPK). Now-TV. Fever PR.

Living The Dream [link 1link 2link 3] (2017, EPK). Sky & Now-TVFever PR.

Quality Assurance (2017, sitcom). Imran YusufBring The Thunder LTD.

Tom Syson at The Stables (2017, social media/music). Darius Alexander.

Living in Stereo: The Story of MTV (2017, documentary). Yellow Pill.

Cannon Rocks London [transl] (2018, feature). Boom Op. Cheng Xiaomeng.Dida Media.

The Brink (2017, feature). Andy Gilbert. HundyGilbert Media.

Goodnight William (2017, short). DreamCatcher Studios LTD.

He Served the Empire (2017, short). Daniel Davies. Two-D Photography.

Bollywood Secrets (2017, advert). Urbane Network.

UFID Hanukkah Special (2017, online). Alias Cummins. UFID Productions.

Hilda (2017, feature). Rishi Pelham. Odds On Productions.

Space Ranger (2017, short). Emil Taj Petersen.

Mirror Care. (2017, corporate). Mirror Care ltd. HundyGilbert Media.

Testimonials & referees

"Darius is an incredibly dedicated professional. Turns up on time, works hard, and always delivers the best audio quality possible. From coming up with new ways of placing microphones on talent – in impossible situations – to coding his own post production tools, I know that when I hire him, I’ll have someone who will provide me with the audio I need, to deliver a complete edit to my clients without any issues. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

- Hugo Sieiro (
email: Hugo [at]

"Darius is one of the few perfectly rounded professionals I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. He is utterly diligent in his endeavour to capture the best audio whilst also characteristically calm and pleasant throughout a long shoot which made him a great team player. Darius was involved in my entire project and I look forward to continuing to work with Darius on future projects."

- Imran Yusuf (

Darius has worked with Roberto (sound recordist) over the course of two weeks as boom operator for a Chinese feature film.

- Roberto La Piana (

Darius has been sound recordist with Andy for his epic-length feature film since January 2017 through to its completion.

- Andy Gilbert (
email: andrew_hgmedia [at]

Other credentials
  • Documentation to travel & work immediately:
    UK, EU, & USA
  • Public & Products Liability Insurance
  • Clean DBS (formally CRB)
  • Clean UK Driving License
  • OfCom UK + Overseas Wireless Microphone Licence
  • BECTU Member

Clients include

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UltraSync ONE (3x)

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Sennheiser G3

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