Equipment List

Here's the core of my mobile setup - suitable for TV, film, ENG, and studio work.

Sennheiser Wireless Radio Kit (x3, GB band)

These are a common workhorse of TV, film, and stage. Using the GB radio band reserved specifically for film work to avoid radio interference, using my PMSE OfCom license.


Sanken COS-11D (x2, black)

Very popular with film, these small form factor microphones are in their element when hiding under clothing. You will have seen TV shows and Hollywood productions that use these. Included in my kit is a bunch of accessories and tricks to mount these in hard-to-get places, as well as exposed mounts for interviews.


URSA Straps (x2, beige)

Securing the radio packs to your actors are top-of-the-line URSA straps.

Rode NTG1 (x1)

This Rode interference tube microphone provides a good balance between side-rejection and a natural sound both indoors and out.


Rode Suspension System and Blimp (x1)

Keeping the NTG1 safe from wind and bumps is the Rode suspension system.


Tascam DR-70D (x1)

Records 4-channels of audio, with integrated stereo mics which work great for collecting stereo wild tracks.