Darius J Alexander

Sound Recording – made simple

Hire a sound recordist
in London

Having recorded sound as crew for major clients & celebrities in venues around London; The Gherkin, Tower Bridge, Corinthia Hotel, The Marriott, SEGA HQ, Covent Garden, & many more…
Darius is no stranger to quality video and film productions like adverts, corporate, & documentaries in London.

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6+ Features
15+ Ads & Corporate Comms
8+ Docu & ENG
20+ shorts

Simply the best

Each peice carefully chosen to fit form and functionality.


Sound Devices are the name when it comes to recording on set: Featuring 12-tracks of recording among the lowest noise, most transparent preamps in the world.

Mobile Edit Suite

Featuring Genelec 8010A reference monitors and advanced audio processing software. Can be set up for on-site editing, or multi-in/out wireless audio recording & playback.


The King of Microphones. Everyone knows when they’re working with the smooth and focused tones this mic brings.


Super low-profile and quality microphone from Schoeps to work alongside the CMIT. Great for indoor and low-loader use.


Cinela have their windshields being used on the top Hollywood sets. There’s a reason; their unique design makes them simply the best.


32 input digital mixer – great for running sound for live performances

(3x) UltraSync ONE

Wireless TimeCode and Genlock sync – so re-jamming never has to stop the flow of production.


These diverse lavalier microphones make their way around everywhere because of their versatility, small size, and great sound.

(4x) Sennheiser G4

The workhorse of the wireless audio world. Diverse and rugged.